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I have spent my life and career involved in the arts, and like so many, I have questioned my relationships, career choices, and beliefs. Through powerful experiences of transformation and enlightenment, my lectures are based on new thought principles and teach from the artists point of view that the greatest expression of life that we can experience comes from staying in the creative process. Bringing your inner artist to the outer world and applying the creative principles to all areas of your life. This is the path to discovering YOU and “DESIGNING A WORLD IMAGINED!”

About Susan Lake:

Speaker, Artist, Teacher and Author, Susan started her career in the arts after graduating from the University of Bridgeport, with a BS degree in Music Education. Since then she has fulfilled her dream as performer, teacher, educator, director, producer and designer


. Susan now lectures in the field of new thought and self empowerment principles, inspiring her audience to adapt the creative process of living.

She is the founder of Susan Lake Designs; President of The World Council for Argentine Tango Events; Educational Tour Leader for “Take the Journey”; and creator of “Designing A World Imagined…Who In the World Am I!?” new thought, self empowerment lectures.

What People Say:

Lauren Williams: Educator, San Marcos, Ca.

Susan Lake is an amazing and talented speaker. She is a visionary and her lectures are both inspiring and dynamic.

William Virchis: Owner/Director, Theatro Magica Mascara, former Director Visual & Performing Arts, San Diego .
Great stuff from a super women. A real leader as an artist, women and speaker

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