Christopher Escalante

Convention Talent Booking

Christopher Escalante is an award-winning music composer and voice actor for video games, film, and media.

As a composer, he has written original music and songs for many video games and visual novels available for the PC and on Steam such as the Seduce Me series, Remember, RememberAce AcademyBlind LoveReturn of the Guitar Lord, as well as many films, television series, commercials, web series, and audio books such as VigilJack MormonThe Next Best BartenderA Story Without Words, and Mythica: The Necromancer.

A graduate of Bang Zoom! Entertainment’s Advanced Voice Acting Workshop, Christopher broke into voice acting for video games in many of Nexon’s Massively Multiplayer Online video games as the Blade Master in Atlantica Online and the Legendary Hero in Dungeon Fighter Online, and has gone on to voice many roles in video games such as the Dragon Rider in Heroes ChargeEagle Morris in Aces WildErik in the Seduce Me series, Zorro in Legendary Castle, as well as additional voice over work in many other video games and web series such as Muv-Luv AlternativeAphmauThe Fifth ExpeditionGalactic ConflictAnima: Gate of MemoriesHeroes Arena, and many mobile apps, films, television shows, and audio dramas.

Christopher is currently the Director of the Voice Over Division at Elevate Talent Agency in Salt Lake City, UT.