February 4, 2016

Poison Sugar Cosplay

Diana of Poison Sugar Cosplay has been in the cosplay and J-Fashion community for over 10 years. With a love of working with luxurious fabrics like silks, chiffon and velvet, her latest obsession is fancy gowns.  She has won numerous awards for her cosplays and also does theatre and film costume work.  She has a vast background in sewing with a wide array of fabrics and techniques. She also has extensive knowledge of dye methods for all fabrics.  Using her teaching background Diana loves to host panels, demonstrations, and events that have to do with encouraging cosplayers to learn and improve their craft.  She loves anime and tries to keep up with all the newest shows.  Her current favorites are Yuru Yuri, Tora Dora, Silver Spoon, Maou Yuusha and Non Non Biyori.  Please see all of the amazing panels she can offer below:

Sewing 101- sewing for beginners

Fosshape- A panel showing the wide use of this steamable, shapeable thermoplastic that you can sew through.

Sewing Knits and Spandex- a panel giving tips, tricks and advice for sewing spandex and knits

Kobracast- a demonstration panel on how to use the thermoplastic Kobracast to make horns

Lolita 101- a basic of the lolita street fashion from Japan
Sewing Lolita- The basics of sewing the lolita way- rectangle and circle skirts, trims, lace and making the perfect jsk.
Pattern Altering 101- How to adjust store bought patterns so you get a perfect fit
Pattern Altering 102- How to alter patterns to create the perfect cosplay by extending, adding or changing store bought patterns,

Ballgowns and Bodices- Tips, tricks and sewing advice to making those big dresses and the corseted bodices that go with them.

Sewing Notions- What do all those things do?  Join Poison Sugar Cosplay to teach you all the shortcuts that findings and notions have to offer.