Erin Murray

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Erin Murray

Erin Murray (The guy, not the orange cat. That’s Leo) is an American Artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a transplant from Garden City, Kansas where everything began. From the time he was old enough to hold a soapy crayon and draw on the bathtub walls, he has been drawing and sketching.

While in Kansas, Erin attended Garden City Community College, obtaining his associate’s degree and partying hardy on the Cheer squad (GO BRONCBUSTERS!). Then one day, his longtime friend asked him to go on an adventure and they both moved out to Phoenix, Arizona way back in 2004.

Living in a new area meant getting a new job. Erin decided to attend technical school to earn his certification as a Pharmacy Technician. There, he worked as a compounder by day and sketched his heart out at night.

His hard work finally paid off when he was approached by Rob Hicks from Spiral Ink Comics to work on the title “Hooded Cobra” as the inking artist.

In 2010 Erin was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which makes drawing a little harder when your hands are shaking and/or super sensitive.

One of Erin’s best panels is “How to ink with the shakes”, a panel where he talks about his experiences with MS and how they affect his everyday drawing/inking. It gives insight on what to do when you have these moments of motor skill malfunctions.

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