Cosplay Corgi

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Corgi Cosplay is the crazy work of Nicole and her service dog Kiba! What started as just a silly idea back in 2013 of having Kiba cosplay characters Nicole loves, has exploded into even more silliness and Nicole learning how to sew and make armor and props! They have guested at many cons here in Arizona and have also guested at big cons in California like Anime Expo over the last 3 years! With the use of Kiba, Nicole likes to promote education about disabilities and mental illness. They also like to promote a safe space for those with mental illnesses, anyone in the LGBTQ community, or even for those feeling harassed or bullied. Kiba’s cosplays extend to Link from Legend of Zelda, Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Dogpool from Deadpool Corps, corg-inception of Zwei from RWBY, and many more. Nicole’s cosplay list is much smaller with Hinata from Naruto, Ruby from RWBY, and female Roadhog from Overwatch. Their future cosplay plans are to do more team ups to help get Nicole more into cosplaying as well. For now though, it’s mostly just Kiba enjoying the fun of cosplay!

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