Kiba Walker

Convention Talent Booking

Kiba Walker is a Dallas-Fort Worth based Actor and musician, who loves the convention scene just as much as he loves food: a lot. VIDEO GAMES: Amon & Gnart in “Earthlock Festival of Magic”, Centrian & Nunchaku Ninja in “Popup Dungeon”, Keitaro Nagame & Yoshinori Nagira in “Camp Buddy”, Sota Kobayashi in “Full Service”, Eike Crimson in “Victus Vincimus”, Francis Hale & Father Karver in “Something in the Dark”, Tristan in “My Magical Demon Lover”, Carolina Dingo in “PawTail”, Scurvybreath in “Return of the Guitar Lord”, Faeryn in “Dear Monster”, Kenta in “To Trust an Incubus”, and additional voices in “Seduce Me 2: The Demon War”. ANIME: Tsukano Ryou in “Junji Ito Collection”, additional voices in “Black Clover”, “Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card”, “All Out!”, and featured parts in “Garo Vanishing Line”. AUDIOBOOK/VISUAL SERIES: Caleb in “Tender Master”, Grover Underwood in “Percy Jackson the Audio Series”, Aruji in “Yaoikuza” series, Hanako in “Yandere Simulator”, Gabriel in “God Complex”, Maximus in “Zolabarth-bi”, Liochant in “Minecraft Diaries”, and Kacey in “Phoenix Drop High School”. His channels “The Retrocade” (with fellow DFW voice Actor Cole Feuchter) and “KibaKovers” amass almost over 10k subscribers.