Derek Stephen Prince

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Derek Stephen Prince, aka Steve, has been in the voiceover industry 22 years. His career spans across such shows as Power RanDerek Stephen Princegers Turbo, Power Rangers In Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Time Force & Power Rangers Wild Force; Digimon: Seasons 1-4 & 6 playing such favorites as Digimon Emperor, Veemon, Beelzamon, Impmon, Piedmon and most recently Jeremy, to name a few; Love, Hina where he played Keitaro; Bleach, where he played Uryu Ishida; and Nartuto, where he STILL plays Shino Aburame (my God, does this show not end???).

Video games include the Kingdom Hearts series as Vexen, Odin Sphere as Oswald, and Operation Darkness as Adolf Hitler and Jack the Ripper. In his most recent anime, the DVD series of Kill La Kill, he played Guts the pug. Steve was in the original cartoon series of Lilo & Stich as Loki the shaved ice vendor, and NFL Rush Zone – Guardians Unleashed as Jackson. He also lip-synced the “peeing” alien in Scary Movie 3, alongside the infamous Tom Kenny.

Current projects include the films Jungle Shuffle with Rob Schneider and Drake Bell as Louca the toucan, and Bling with Taylor Kitsch and Jenny McCurdy as the ring salesman, both of which can be watched on Amazon Video. Let’s not forget the super hush hush roles that Steve can’t even talk about yet! You’ll just have to wait and see!